Friday, September 7, 2012

Mango and Curry Truffles

Yep, that is what is on our menu for tomorrows Midtown Farmers Market.
Mango curry truffle - Mango chutney top layer and mild curry ganache on the bottom. Makes a great truffle. 

Tiramisu - well, we had to, it sold out last week.  Marscapone with marsala top layer andcoffee brigadeiro on the bottom.

Fig & Honey - While figs are in season, we are taking advantage and making wonderful fig and honey ganache truffles

Ouzo covered in candied cinnamon pecans
Coconut Rum - rolled in coconut
Grand Marnier - rolled in shaved chocolate

Ice Creams
Fresh Fig and Honey ice cream, what can I say, they are plentiful,  in season and delicious.

Sweet Potato with pumpkin spices.

Beet & Raspberry in coconut milk (dairy free).  Paying homage to the flavor  that started our ice cream making venture. 

Brew Chews
Southern Tier - Pumpking (with pretzels and without pretzels)
Duck Rabbit - Baltic Porter
Kona Brewing Co - Koko Brown

Hope there is something listed above that will tempt you to come visit us at North Hills Midtown Farmers Market tomorrow.  See you in the morning. 

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