Thursday, September 27, 2012

Our latest flavor

This week our new truffle flavor is - 72% dark chocolate ganache with Pink peppercorns.  Very fragrant with a "fruity "taste.  Perhaps I will get to post a photo tomorrow!

Our ice cream this week is.......... Curry (no Mango Chutney this time) and it is not a Hot curry. 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

New Flavor

This week we are introducing a new flavor Brigadeiro - Dumante.    The bottle has a really interesting shape and the back  has a great Trinacria image.  See you Saturday morning at Midtown Farmers Market if you are interested in trying out latest addition.

Trinacria symbol on the back.   And yes, I did take the photos!

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Thought I'd share this photo of our truffles that we took.  I'm so proud of it.  Great photo and tasty truffles, you can't beat that.
Left to right: Citrus, Rain Forest, Pecan Brigadeiro.
Front left: Coconut Rum Brigadeiro and on the right with the blue splashes is Tiramisu........ all yummy!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Mango and Curry Truffles

Yep, that is what is on our menu for tomorrows Midtown Farmers Market.
Mango curry truffle - Mango chutney top layer and mild curry ganache on the bottom. Makes a great truffle. 

Tiramisu - well, we had to, it sold out last week.  Marscapone with marsala top layer andcoffee brigadeiro on the bottom.

Fig & Honey - While figs are in season, we are taking advantage and making wonderful fig and honey ganache truffles

Ouzo covered in candied cinnamon pecans
Coconut Rum - rolled in coconut
Grand Marnier - rolled in shaved chocolate

Ice Creams
Fresh Fig and Honey ice cream, what can I say, they are plentiful,  in season and delicious.

Sweet Potato with pumpkin spices.

Beet & Raspberry in coconut milk (dairy free).  Paying homage to the flavor  that started our ice cream making venture. 

Brew Chews
Southern Tier - Pumpking (with pretzels and without pretzels)
Duck Rabbit - Baltic Porter
Kona Brewing Co - Koko Brown

Hope there is something listed above that will tempt you to come visit us at North Hills Midtown Farmers Market tomorrow.  See you in the morning.