Sunday, April 28, 2013

The day after

Wow.... what a day we - (GerDan Chocolates) had yesterday at Brewgaloo.  It was fun explaining what a Brew Chew is while gaining new fans and followers.

Our Beer Marshmallows  got quite a bit of attention.  And rightly so, they were light fluffy marshmallows made with beer and topped with a beer carmel then dipped in chocolate.  Can't go wrong with that.

Some like it hot....

What's better to offer at a Beer Festival then spicy beer brittle.  You need a beer to cool you mouth down and that is exactly what we had at Brewgaloo yesterday.  We had Spicy Beer Brittle made with Big Boss Bad Penny and Aviator's Hot Rod Red Ale.  Both sold out and were clear winners.

Our Crack bars
Now let me explain the name.  They have Rice Krispies in them (you know Snap, CRACKle and Pop) and are highly addictive.  If you like the pucker of Passion Fruit followed by the heat from Cayenne pepper, well your hooked.

Last but not least, our Hop Pops,  lollipops made with real Hops.  They contain no alcohol but taste like an IPA.   Should you crave one, visit Ridgewood Wine and Beer Company on Ridge Road.  They carry them and you will see the display by their checkout register.

Here is a photo of Fayetteville Street, downtown Raleigh before Brewgaloo began.

Here we are setting up our tent before the event.

So if you are craving a Brew Chew, check us out at Midtown Farmer's Market, North Hills, Raleigh.  But check out Facebook page first to see where we are at.

Thanks to everyone......

Dan and Geraldine

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Today at Brewgaloo

Looks like our table/tent will be the opposite end away from the Stage.  
Beautiful day today, hope to see you downtown Raleigh.  Enjoy yourself and see you there.

Dan & Geraldine

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Saturday April 27

We won't be at North Hills  - Midtown Farmers' Market this Saturday as GerDan Chocolates will be downtown Raleigh at Brewgaloo selling our Brew Chews and Beer Marshmallows.  For those of you who are asking, "What is a Brew Chew?" It is a caramel, made with beer.  So you can have your beer and eat it too!  Don't know exactly where our table will be, but we'll post it here as soon as we find out.

Hope to see you there Saturday.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


We will not be at Midtown Farmers Market this Saturday April 20.

On April 27 GerDan Chocolates will be downtown Raleigh at Brewgaloo.  More to come the next few days but we hope to see you there.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Opening day

Weather is supposed to be nice this Saturday and we certainly hope so as it is the opening day of  Midtown Farmers Market, North Hills.
GerDan Chocolates will be there this week with some new goodies for sale.  Looking forward to seeing some familiar faces.  Take care and see you Saturday.

Dan & Ger