Sunday, October 30, 2011

Brew Chews and Hop Pops

Latest additions to our list of confections are Brew Chews and Hop Pops.

Brew Chews are caramels made from beer.  Currently we have 3 flavors available:
Pumpkin Chews made from Pumkin beer that is out at the moment, so this will be a seasonal flavor,
Stout Chews and Malt flavor chews.  The Malt flavor chews contain no beer so  if you love the flavor of malt then this one is for you.

Then there is our Hop Pops.  Ever been at work or driving and would love a pint........... well then, suck on a Hop Pop.  If you are a HopHead then this is for you as the bitter taste of the hops really comes through.  A real treat for $3 each.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Our website

Our chocolate tasting at Wine 101 in Wake Forest went great last night.  Thanks to all who tasted our truffles,.  We received very positive feed back.  As we line up more tastings we shall post dates and locations here on the blog.

We are currently building our website -  It you visit the website, it will tell you that it is under contruction and to visit this blog.  Hopefully we'll have the website up and running in a few weeks.

Back to chocolates...... with all the autumn flavors out now we will have a few seasonal flavors on our menu so keep checking back.  We will be updating the header (our menu) shortly.