Friday, March 29, 2013

Not long now

Midtown Farmers Market starts back up in two weeks time.  Hope you will come and visit us and the other vendors at North Hills.  Looking forward to another season,  meeting new people and some old faces.  See you soon

Dan & Ger

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Saturday at the Artisan Market, Crabtree

Bunnies everywhere, that is what it felt like.  We had Milk, Dark and White Chocolate Lopsided eared bunnies for sale.  They're  so cute, if I say so myself. Today was the first of Williams-Sonoma's Artisan Markets at Crabtree and we were thrilled to get an invitation.

What made it more fun was meeting fellow artisans like Bill from Oak City Roasters, Lynne -Olifant+Castelo, Berry - Bee Pleasant Pure Honey and Ron from Carolina Grits.  Will meet some of you again at Midtown Farmers Market, North Hills next month when the market resumes in April.