Friday, June 29, 2012

Tomorrows line up of truffles and candies

If you plan on visiting the Farmer's Market tomorrow Saturday June 30, plan on taking a cooler with you to keep your purchases cool as well as keeping your drinking water cool too!

Enough suggestions, see the header at the top of the page to see our line up of our truffles and brigadeiros on offer tomorrow.
What are patriotic sprinkes you may ask, well see the photo below.
Yes indeed, they are red, white and blue sprinkles!
We will of course have Hop Pops, IPA and an IPA/Black chocolate Stout mix brew chew on offer tomorrow also.  Can't let our Brew Chew fans down now can we as they have a following all of their own.
See you tomorrow and stay cool!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Most creative

Even though we don't make ice cream to sell, we did enter our Beet and Raspberry Ice Cream into the Vendor Cookoff yesterday and won the Most Creative category to boot! 
It was made with Coconut Mik, Sugar (you could use Agave nectar if you prefer) and fresh Beets and fresh Raspberries.  If you would like a copy of the recipe, just email us at and we'll send you a copy for free.
The competition was all in good fun and with the heat yesterday, I am surprised we didn't eat all the ice cream ourselves!

It is the pretties pink ice cream I've ever seen.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

It's fast approaching

Yes indeed, Father's Day is nearly here-Sunday June 17th.  Drop by and see us Saturday at MFM and pick up some special truffles or Brigadeiro's for your Dad.  Of course there are always Brew Chews!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Wow..... 2lbs of hops

Bought two pounds of loose leaf hops yesterday.  Mind you they are all in vacuum seal packs so will keep but I see a lot of Hop Pops in our future!  Woo Hoo....never have we bought so much loose Hops at one time.  Goes to show that the Hop Pops are gainin'  popularity.

We have planted some Hops in our garden but they won't be producing until next year.  It is fun seeing the plants growing  from rhizomes.  Our Black raspberries are producing a lot of berries so watch out for some fresh rasperry truffles in the next week or two.  It is quite the battle between us and the birds as to who gets the nice "Black Jewel" raspberries first.  So far we are  winning but I am willing to share.  Just wish the darn birds wouldn't just take one bite out of each berry!  We are also keeping a close eye on our figs and this a fight between us and the deer.   Ok Deer........ you can have the low lying fruit and we will have the upper fruit that you can't reach.... is it a deal!  I'll sign loff now as I am ranting.  I see a Brew Chew in my future........Mmmmmmm....say no more.  Until my next ramble...... keep on trufflin'.