Friday, August 3, 2012


Keeping in line with our "tropical temperatures" here, GerDan will be bringing some Hawaiian flavors to Midtown Farmers Market tomorrow Saturday August 8.

We will have Mango Sorbet, Lava Flow Ice Cream (pineapple, coconut ice cream with Strawberry puree throughout) and lastly Cantaloupe Ice Cream, made from cantaloupes from one of our fellow vendors.

Our featured Brew Chew this week will be made from Koko Brown beer from Kona Brewery.  We will also have some Honu's (Turtles made with Macadamia nuts) and a few tropical inspired truffles and brigadeiro's.

Come visit Hawaii tomorrow at GerDan's Chocolates booth at North Hills.

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  1. Brilliant, I love that video, it is so cute.