Saturday, April 29, 2017

Yes,we are still here

Sorry for the "radio silence" but there has been a lot going on.

We had a fun and very successful Easter and
are  now gearing up for Mother's Day.  Our S'mores Toffee is taking on a life of it's own,  we cannot make it quick enough.

Our chocolate bars are popular as ever and we hope to add new flavors to our current line up
Bees Knees - Based on a prohibition cocktail,  our bars are 70% chocolate with juniper berries, lemon zest and local honeybee pollen

Gin & Tonic - 70% chocolate with lime zest and juniper berries.

For Mother's Day we had some seasonal flavored Bonbons -
This one had a white chocolate and fresh lemon ganache on the top and the bottom layer was dark chocolate and fresh ginger encased in a dark chocolate shell with bright yellow splashes.

This Blue one had fresh blackberry confiture and a cabaret Ganache.

This red and pink splashed bon bon had fresh Johnson County strawberry puree in a dark chocolate ganache.
PB&J - peanut butter and apricot jam in a milk chocolate ganache.
This pretty bonbon had honey and local honey liquor in  dark chocolate ganache.

We had our Zombie Bunnies and chocolate Chicks too.

Stay tuned for more flavors with Mother's Day just around the corner.

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