Sunday, February 5, 2012


We are now on Facebook (who isn't these days?).  Go check us out and "like" us.  We will still keep up the blog but have to keep current with all the social medias.!!  Still haven't figured out the website stuff, to be honest our blog is more current at this point.

What is the current "favorite" flavor at the moment?  Hop Pops continue to "intrigue" everyone, me too (I am currently enjoying one as I blog) .  With regard to truffles....... I'd say it's the bourbon creams and the Hazelnut Gianduja are the current favourites .... nuts seem to be a winner this time of year,
Changing the subject, we were in Durham yesterday and bought a growler of beer from the Bull City Burger and Beer with the intention to make BrewChews from their Snow Hill Winter Warmer.  Alas...... didn't quite make it  .... hic..... cheers, gulp, gulp,....slurp, .... burp).   Search continues for some Raleigh beers to make brew chews with.   If you have any suggestions, just post in the comments)  Stouts and IPA's seem to translate best as their flavor profile is big enough for the caramels.

By the way, the chocolate coated stout flavored marshmallow on a graham cracker with a brewchew in between were down right sinful,  if I say so myself.  They were AWESOME!  Had to try two for Quality Control purposes, if you know what I mean.

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