Monday, August 15, 2011

Summer Seasonal Selection

We took the opportunity to hone our airbrushing skills while using some fresh seasonal ingredients.

Our seasonal selection includes:
  • Blueberries from a friend's garden. A rich dark chocolate ganache with a drizzle of blueberry puree, encased in 64% Callebaut dark chocolate and airbrushed in blue and white cocoa butter.
  • Next was Bartlett Pear, grown in our own back garden. A puree was made from the pears, then infused into a dark chocolate ganache and airbrushed in yellow and green.
  • Fresh raspberries from the Farmers Market gently mixed with a dark chocolate ganache, then airbrushed in red and white.
  • Our Rain Forest truffle is packed with an almond, cashew, pistachio and tamarind ganache.  We molded this truffle in a cocoa pod shape airbrushed in orange and green cocoa butter.

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