Monday, May 9, 2011

New Flavours and some changes.

We’ve expanded our selection of Caramels.

Our Fleur de Sel remains popular as ever but we now have a soft caramel center too.  If you love Goat cheese then you will like the Cajeta.  It is a caramel sauce made with Goat’s milk, cinnamon, sugar. 

For our beer lovers we have introduced a Stout Caramel and an IPA Caramel.  Neither of these two beer caramels are covered in chocolate as we do not wish to detract from the taste.  The Stout Caramel has the subtle dark roasted flavour.  If you love the bitter taste of hops than the IPA caramel is for you.

Sorry no photos of the caramels, ate them all!

We had to remove the Macadamia Nut from our selection as, we cannot obtain them locally.  Can find plenty of salted Macadamia Nuts but we prefer to use the unsalted ones.

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